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Explore the beautiful Newlands Forest, discover the benefits of “forest bathing” and enjoy a unique silent walking meditation. Leave with a sense of stillness, quiet and wonder.

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Our aim is to create incredible outdoor experiences across Table Mountain National Park and to encourage a connection with nature.
Grading System & Info
Grade: A+
Price: R 1300p/p
Time: 2 to 3 hours

Hiking Routes are graded A, B or C for their technical difficulty and 1, 2 or 3 for physical difficulty.

R 800 for the group to have a privately guided hike or R 800 single supplement where relevant.
Prices are valid until May 1st 2024.


Professional mountain guide

Silent walking meditation

◉ Forest bathing experience

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This walk requires a very basic level of fitness as it is predominantly flat with no height exposure or rock scrambling involved.

The risk of outdoors activities, where social distancing is enforced, has been deemed by the WHO as being significantly less than indoor activities. Nonetheless, we place the highest value on our guests’ safety at all times. We walk in small, intimate groups, ensure safe walking distances and promote the use of hand sanitiser and the wearing of masks where necessary.

What To Expect

Why Book a "Forest Bathing" Hike?
Looking for something unique and different during your time in Cape Town?

This experience is perfect for those who’ve ticked off all the major attractions and are looking for something more off-the-beaten-track to do before leaving. Newlands Forest is a beautiful, green area just 15 minutes from Cape Town’s city centre. With a labyrinth of single track trails, deep forested areas and trickling streams, it is the perfect environment to lose oneself in a meditative experience.


Welcome: Gather at the forest’s edge, where tranquility meets adventure. Begin with a gentle breathing exercise, allowing the forest air to infuse a sense of calm and presence.

Silent Symphony: Step into the heart of the forest, where the only sounds are nature’s own melody. Engage in a silent walking meditation, allowing each step to connect you with the earth beneath and the beauty around. Get in touch with your sense of sight, sound, smell and touch and enjoy the connection to the forest.

Wisdom Circle:  Create a circle under the forest canopy, sharing moments of stillness and insights gained. Reflect on the wisdom of the trees and the tranquility experienced during our Forest Bathing adventure.

This route requires a very basic level of fitness as it is predominantly flat with no height exposure or rock scrambling involved.