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The Pipe Track hiking route in Camps Bay is for the hikers who wishes to slow down and fully appreciate the natural surroundings; the flora, fauna and history. It is intimate and personal and focuses on immersion and learning about the Mountain, Cape Town and South Africa.

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Our aim is to create incredible outdoor experiences across Table Mountain National Park and to encourage a connection with nature.
Grading System & Info
Grade: A
Price: R 1100p/p
Time: 2 Hours

Hiking Routes are graded A, B or C for their technical difficulty and 1, 2 or 3 for physical difficulty.

R 600 for the group to have a privately guided hike or R 600 single supplement where relevant.
Prices are valid until May 1st 2022.


Professional mountain guide
Discovering local knowledge of flora & fauna
Learning about historical reference points
Safety & route navigation



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The Pipe Track route up Table Mountain is very basic, the walk is flat for the majority of the route minus one or two minor points of elevation. Hikers should, however, be able to maintain a basic group pace for 1:30 hours.

The risk of outdoors activities, where social distancing is enforced, has been deemed by the WHO as being significantly less than indoor activities. Nonetheless, we place the highest value on our guests’ safety at all times. We walk in small, intimate groups, ensure safe walking distances and promote the use of hand sanitiser and the wearing of masks where necessary.

What To Expect

Why Book a Pipe Track Hike?
pipe track hiking group
The Pipe Track hiking route is one of the most accessible and beautiful beginner hikes that Table Mountain has to offer.

Our walk starts at the base of Table Mountain and winds its way up and onto the historic Pipe Track. Very quickly hikers will be afforded amazing views of Camps Bay and the Atlantic Ocean spread out in its vastness to the right.

To the left will be both the flat plateau of Table Mountain itself and the undulating 12 Apostles showing off along the way.

The trail runs parallel to the celebrated pipes that give this route its name and your guide will explain the significance of these to you in detail. The flowers are blooming in abundance at this time of year and there will be the chance to learn all about these and the many animals that inhabit Table Mountain from your expert guide.

After 30 minutes of walking there will be the opportunity to relax in a lovely, shaded area as you take in the natural beauty around you. The walk in total will take about 1:30 hours and, once at the end, we’ll end by watching the sunset on a massive, semi-secret rock boulder that overlooks the ocean.

From here it is a short trickle down to the road and a quick Uber ride back to your vehicles.

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