Mastering Table Mountain Summer hiking with 5 Essential Tips.

Embark on an outdoors journey in Cape Town to reveal the glory of hiking Table Mountain during the summer months.

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Escaped the chill of Europe, the UK, or the States for the sunny vibes of South Africa? You’re in for a treat! Let’s dive into the ultimate summer hiking guide for Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. Strap on those boots, slather on sunscreen, and get ready to grace your Instagram with breathtaking views!

5 tips for your best hiking experience:


1.) What to Bring: Whether you’re with a mountain guide or just chilling with friends, always remember to pack the essentials. Think comfy walking shoes (no need for giant boots), layered clothes, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, a small daypack, and a minimum of 2 litres of water and snacks. Trail running shoes? Perfect! Water-wise, more is better, especially for longer routes like Skeleton Gorge on hotter days.


Table Mountain, Cape Town.
A guest enjoying the gorgeous views of Table Mountain during Summer, as seen from Lion’s Head.

2.) Best Times to Start: Adventuring in Cape Town during this season means facing the same scorching African sun as the rest of the continent. Temperatures average around 25 degrees Celsius but can skyrocket to 35 degrees and beyond. Planning a Platteklip Gorge hike at 9am? Think again! Aim for a 6am start – the sun’s up, it’s safer, and not scorching yet. Bonus: early starters find plenty of shady spots as the sun climbs steadily higher. For sunset hikes up Lion’s Head, kick-off at 4 pm (5pm latest). It beats the intense midday heat and ensures you catch the sunset and return before dark.

3.) Choosing Routes: Consider the crowd factor. Weekdays are your quieter escape, with fewer locals and tourists on the trails. Popular routes like Lion’s Head and Platteklip Gorge become Times Square on New Year’s Eve on weekends. If you’re crowd-averse, opt for serene routes like Kasteelspoort or something more adventurous like India Venster. Save Lion’s Head and Platteklip Gorge for the weekdays.


Table Mountain, Cape Town.
The summer sun peaking around the corner of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head in the distance.

4.) Weather: If you’re planning on an outdoors mission at this time of year, then weather is important for a number of reasons. The heat we’ve spoken about, but what about the wind? The strong South Easterly wind, affectionately know as the “Cape Doctor” by locals, is one to certainly watch out for. With gail force winds up to 90km/h the cable car has to occasionally shut down – and the later in the day the stronger the wind becomes. As such, in summer you have extra reason to be up early; to avoid both the heat and minimize the likelihood of having to trapse back down the mountain if the cable car is closed.

5.) Hire a Guide: With all of the above said, if you’re new to the city or merely staying for a few days, we are inclined to recommend a professional mountain guide to take the stress out of planning and allow you to fully enjoy your immersive nature experience. Path and Peak Adventure’s hires only the most highly qualified mountain guides with years of mountain and first aid experience. Walk away with a wealth of memorable experiences and some beautiful photos to boot.

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In Conclusion: summer hikes need a tad more planning – an early start, a wisely chosen route, extra provisions, and ideally, a savvy local guide. If you’re up for a guided adventure with Path and Peak Adventures you can make you booking here, or hit us up at [email protected]/WhatsApp +27 711 525 121.

Embrace the trails this summer!

Safety Hotlines:

  • 0214807700 / 112 City Emergency
  • 021 9370300 WSAR (Wilderness Search & Rescue)

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Get ready to conquer Table Mountain – the adventure of a lifetime awaits!

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