Grading System:

Our aim is to create incredible outdoor experiences across Table Mountain National Park and to encourage a connection with nature.

Routes are graded A, B or C. Grades do not reflect how strenuous a route is, only the technical difficulty. An A-route involves walking, a B-route some scrambling and a C-route more demanding scrambling.

+R600 for the group to have a privately guided hike or R600 single supplement where relevant. Prices are valid until December 1st 2021.

Grade: A+ (B options available)
Price: R1100p/p
Time: 3 to 4 hours
  • transport
  • professional mountain guide
  • discovering local knowledge of flora & fauna
  • learning about historical reference points
  • safety & route navigation 

Lion’s Head is arguably one of the most awesome Mountains to climb in all of South Africa. It is short and sweet and provides the most accessible and beautiful 360 degree views of Cape Town compared to Table Mountain. We start our hike at our meeting point where your Professional Mountain Guide will give a safety briefing and get everyone pumped and excited. After which we will start our hike up the most climbed Mountain in Africa stopping along the way to marvel at spectacular flora and fauna and to learn about the sprawling historical city below. Be prepared to tackle some interesting rock scrambling on the way up; Lion’s Head is small but does require a head for heights. After an exhilarating 1:30 hour hike up we will have summited and will be able to enjoy amazing views of The Atlantic Ocean, Table Mountain, Camps Bay and the City Centre. Once everyone has enjoyed the spectacular scenery, views and got some cool pictures, we will descend safely down the mountain having had a lovely adventure!

Lions Head is easier than Table Mountain in that much of the hike is circular in nature. It does still demand a basic to moderate level of fitness and the ability to hold a moderate group pace over 3 hours or so of hiking. Aside from this, Lion’s Head requires a moderate head for heights and the ability to engage in minor rock scrambling.

The risk of outdoors activities, where social distancing is enforced, has been deemed by the WHO as being significantly less than indoor activities. Nonetheless, we place the highest value on our guests’ safety at all times. We walk in small, intimate groups, ensure safe walking distances and promote the use of hand sanitiser and the wearing of masks where necessary.